On-Site Services

Motor Vibration Analysis
Vibration analysis observes changes in the condition of all your rotating equipment. Its processes enable us to detect mechanical problems, bearing problems and imbalances which allows for corrective action to be taken before a catastrophic failure occurs. Our vibration technicians are always available for consultation or to answer any questions you may have.

Laser Alignment
High quality motor laser alignment for rotating equipment used in commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities. Our skilled technicians use state of the art equipment and their years of experience to diagnose and align your critical equipment.

PdMA Advanced Diagnostics
Our highly trained technicians utilizing the most current technology are able to analyze 6 fault zones: Power Quality, Current Quality, Power Circuit, Insulation, Rotor, Stator, and Air Gap. Our experience combined with this equipment allows us to diagnose problems on the job site that would traditionally require the motor to be completely disassembled. The data gathered can then play an important role in seeing important trending information that can then be used to schedule maintenance downtime and avoid costly motor failure.



Our experienced and qualified technicians are available around the clock for both on-site and in-shop mechanical & electrical services.

We use top of the line, cutting edge technology to complement our years of experience in the field.